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Jojeni is a family-based company that has been developing residential estates in the Port Macquarie region for over ten years. We strive to design developments that meet the expectations of both the existing community and future residents. We are committed to achieving best practice environmental outcomes for all our developments.

We ensure that highly qualified ecologists are engaged to survey all our sites to determine environmental sensitivities and how they can be best managed and preserved. Jojeni has a strong record of working closely with local, state and federal government agencies.

Some recent examples of our commitment to delivering superior environmental outcomes include:

  1. The donation of 65 acres of core koala habitat to the National Parks and Wildlife Service for inclusion in the Dooragan National Park in Laurieton,
  2. Twenty-year agreement with the Federal Government and Port Macquarie Council to rehabilitate over 50 acres of land in Camden Haven set aside for environmental conservation and management which will form an integral component of wildlife corridors in the area, and
  3. Agreement with Port Macquarie Council to set aside and rehabilitate 50% of a significant site in the heart of Lake Cathie with additional koala food tree plantings to support the local koala population and provide improved movement corridors.